Cancer Prevention Collaborative

CAn exciting programme designed to help people recognise symptoms and go for help when needed

Early detection of cancer saves lives.

Survival rates from most cancers are getting better and better and this Collaborative programme aims to raise awareness of symptoms of bowel, prostate, cervical, ovarian, lung and more recently laryngeal (throat) cancer.

We also raise awareness of the bowel and cervical screening programmes.

Bowel Cancer Awareness

The collaborative team focusing on bowel cancer awareness attend various events to encourage people that may have possible symptoms of cancer to seek early advice.

The team also promote and raise awareness of the National Bowel Screening Programme which offers screening every two years to all men and women who are aged between 60 to 74, with the option of requesting a kit if aged over 75.

National Recognition

In 2017, our work in this area has been nationally recognised and chosen to feature in a national online resource for shared best practice. The website, developed by Cancer Research UK has been developed for sharing bowel screening projects and case studies.

We’re very proud of the success the campaign continues to have locally. We have used a variety of social marketing techniques such as developing badges and stickers for health professionals to wear to prompt conversations with patients and consistent ‘reminding’ of the key messages to the local target population which has been seen to increase uptake in bowel screening. (Julie Grimmer, Health & Wellbeing Collaborative Programme Manager)

Cervical and Ovarian Cancer

As part of the programme the team focus on promoting cervical and ovarian cancer symptoms and the cervical screening (smear test) programme in conjunction with the NHS National Screening Programme.

Utilising attention grabbing messages and visuals, our volunteers have been active in the community promoting the message.

Lung Cancer

The programme supports GPs in sending individuals for an X-ray earlier by a “push and pull” approach. Through this approach, we will not only have an earlier diagnosis but this will enable treatment earlier and improve outcomes.  Lung cancer can be contained and cured.

Prostate Cancer

The Prostate team raises awareness in the local community by providing information about the symptoms of prostate cancer. They have been extremely successful in getting the key messages out in the local community through various events including the Fireman’s Fete and links with Grimsby Town Football Club.

Only men develop prostate cancer and the risk of getting it increases with age.

Training Cancer Champions

Cancer Champions are ordinary members of the community who are prepared to undertake some short training, following which their role is simply to raise awareness with their family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues, by word of mouth and distribution of information.

Importantly they would be able to signpost people who they have contact with to the range of services available and assist in giving information which is beneficial to others, motivating people to seek early medical assistance.

This is an example of how our Collaboratives are approaching community engagement and using social marketing to spread the message throughout the community.

There are regular Cancer Champion training sessions, contact 01472 232265 or email for more information


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